Hello and welcome to the first post on the blog. Each month I will give helpful tips and advice on all aspects of organic gardening. I think this is quite an emotive issue especially at this time of year when the weeds and insects appear to be in control and not vica versa. The thought of many hours of painstaking weeding out can be suddenly diminished when you see and reach for the bottle of weedkiller,etc. All I can say is: read what is on the label and only use what you understand. There are many good alternatives from mulching to boiling water; heat and vinegar. I will be discussing all these methods and more in the very near future. Also we have to think that getting to “know” your weeds can be very beneficial as they give us clues to type of soil and deficiencies when you know what to look for. This also will be discussed in the near future.

This is a brief post this week and next week we will delve into weedkilling deeper and also peruse on my week out in the gardens of Shropshire.

Thank you